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Conrad's links and such

Random links for everyone!

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This community is a place to post links and other random shit for one another to see, without the tedious (and often drama-inducing) process of friending everyone.

(Why is it called conrad's links then? Because I created it, and I am Conrad.)

Community rules:

1. I rule.
2. No blatantly offensive links. (For example, a link to an online coloring book called "I HATE NEGROES" is not OK.)
3. Links and other random shit which is NOT SAFE FOR WORK should be behind a cut that says NOT SAFE FOR WORK
4. No advertising, no polls, no BS.
5. Try to keep your post to two lines or less. Images must be behind a cut.
6. Don't be a fuckwad.

7. If you see a link here that you post in your own journal, at least reference this community, to get the word out. :)